Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Chickens!

Now that I am pretty sure I have a good setup for the chicken coop and yard to keep "Big Nose" out of my eggs, I decided to get chickens again. After searching for a week or two I found a lady who needed a good home for her flock that she had rescued along with some other animals from an abusive situation. I had to do a bit of research to find out what kind of chickens they are. I think I have decided that they are Wyandottes. There are a Black, a Golden-Laced, and 5 Columbian, one of which is a rooster. Well, being in town, dot dot dot, no rooster, so I had to find him a home. Luckily it didn't take long. There was a catch. This rooster is sterile! I have a couple of friends out in the country that have chickens, so I called around. I thought it might be hard to find a home for a sterile rooster, but I got lucky! One of my friends said that she didn't need a rooster, but she has a friend with some laying hens including some younger hens she was raising up. She had lost one the other day to a hawk and was desperately looking for a rooster to protect the flock. She did NOT want fertile eggs, just eating eggs- so this rooster was PERFECT! And as luck would further have it, my friend was already in town and volunteered to drop by and pick up the rooster for her other friend. The only sad part was I never got a picture of him. :(
The hens have spent the last couple of days getting used to their new coop and yard. Today I let them out into the whole backyard and they have been all over the place checking everything out. I have a ton of pictures! Click a picture to see it larger. Enjoy!

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w&jreport said...

These are great. Are the dogs getting along with them?